Friday, September 30, 2011

Tinolang Free Range Chicken

I wrote an article on free range chicken farming because I heard a lot of positive things about free range chicken.  Aside from the health benefits that one will get from eating chicken raised as natural as possible, advocates of healthy living said that this kind of chicken tastes more natural and is tastier.  

When speaking about healthy chicken what always comes to mind is the native chicken.  Filipinos who spent their growing up years in the provinces know only of one variety of chicken, the native one.  These fend for themselves and propagate naturally.  Their meat is sought after for tinola, chicken ginger soup with green papaya and chili leaves.

Magnolia chicken came out with their own line of free range chicken lately.  I welcomed this development as the bird only costs P145/kilo, a price much lower than my expectation.  Native chickens from the wet markets cost more.  At least, eating healthy chicken has become affordable compared to the other brands that are pricey.  Not all supermarkets carry free range chicken, though.  

I bought two pieces from HiTop Supermarket, one for tinola and the other one I intend to do as adobo.  The meat looks leaner than the ordinary dressed chicken which is plump.  The ordinary one also comes whiter than the free range one which is reddish.  I was surprised that the healthy chicken cooked easily like the ordinary one.  No need to use the pressure cooker to have tender chicken.  Come dinner time, I cooked tinola and paired it with grilled milkfish.  What a hearty and healthy dinner we had.

Bon appetit!

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