Friday, December 4, 2009

Mary & Bobby

Mary sat in the corner of the emergency room at the nearby hospital as the lifeless body of Bobby, her husband of ten years, lies on the hospital bed. Around her the doctor and the nurses were busy removing the tubes and equipment used to prolong his life. She craned her neck towards the door of the emergency room trying to look for a familiar face. She saw Timmy and Samantha inching towards her with her parents. Tears suddenly welled in her eyes at the sight of her children. Mary tried to compose herself and put up a brave front for Timmy and Samantha. She knew that with Bobby gone, she and the children face a bleak future. Bobby was a bank manager and his modest income allowed him to send his children to a nearby private school and indulge his family to an annual vacation with his folks in the province. Mary, on the other hand, sold ladies’ brassieres, panties, cosmetics and toiletries to augment the family income. With the minimal amount of insurance proceeds that she will be receiving from the bank plus the savings deposit that Bobby opened, Mary knew that she and the children will be doing a lot of adjustments just to live by.

Does this scenario look familiar to you? Do you know of someone, maybe a sister, a brother, a cousin or a friend, who just lost a loved one? This scene has been played a thousand times to many people. People just failed to plan for the future. 

If somebody will be displaced with your untimely death, insuring it becomes compulsory. You can put money in the bank or invest in a business but this entails big sums of money.  Setting aside a small percentage of one’s monthly income to buy a life insurance policy is a good way to start planning for the future.  A good life insurance program does more than just replace the loss of income that occurs if you die. It also provides money to cover the final costs that arise after one’s death,  college education for the children and part or all of your spouse's retirement needs. 

When is the right time to buy? The answer to that question is NOW. Procrastination could be costly. Your untimely death, a breadwinner, could spell suffering to those you left behind, delay in the realization of dreams or failure of a business. A life insurance policy is the best love letter you can give to your loved ones.

Have you done your love letter yet?

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