Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Bucket List Part 2

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As promised, here is my next 10 desires for my bucket list:  Please refer to an earlier post entitled My Bucket List.

11.  Build my dream house on a rolling terrain with my dream kitchen in it.  How would you like to cook up goodies with every gadget that you will be needing is within your reach?  Oh, that would be nirvana.
12.  Go on vacation riding my recreational vehicle with my husband, children with their respective families.
13.  Send at least 100 indigent students to college.  I believe that a good education is the best thing that a parent can give to his child.  Armed with a good education, a poor person has a fighting chance in uplifting his present predicament.
14.  Set up a real estate business which will take care of the retirement needs of my husband and I.
15.  Learn hydrophonics.  While in Malaysia, I saw premium vegetables like lettuce, asparagus, herbs grown in a small patch of a rocky and hilly land.  I cringed at the thought of barren tracts of land back home.
16.  Turn my Dad's agricultural lands into productive ventures.  These agricultural lands have been handed down to my Dad from his father and forebears and were the fruits of their hard work.  I would like to give tribute to them by making these lands productive and away from the long hand of the Department of Agrarian Reform.
17.  Have a farm with a mango orchard and fire trees lined up like sentinels at the entrance of the farm.  I dream of the day when my eyes will be able to feast on splashes of red and yellow.
18.  I would like that my husband and I be able to bequeath to each of our children a house and lot.
19.  Have a successful business/businesses with all my children helping out.   I would like them to work hard for what their parents had started and enjoy the fruits at the same time.
20.  Build a beach house.  It is so nice to hear the sound of the waves as they hit the sand and lull you to sleep.
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