Saturday, November 27, 2010

Delicious Cupcakes

Christmas is fast approaching and as the BER months approach, people are getting preoccupied with what to give to loved ones, officemates, friends, neighbors.  Gifts vary according to the receiver.  Gifts for family and dear friends are usually valuable hence are expensive.  For office colleagues, neighbors and friends, gifts could be baked or cooked goodies, products of an enterprising relative's creativity or  some China made trinkets that could be bought from 168.

Like everyone else, I want to give gifts without breaking the bank.   For years, I baked fruit cakes and chocolate chip cookies, made cassava cakes,  made sardines for  gifts.  Not only was I able to save money from my home-made giveaways, I also earned a handsome amount from selling fruit cakes.

For this year, my daughter Kara and I trooped to the Maya Test Kitchen to learn how to make mouth-watering cupcakes.  Cupcakes have been the craze for the past two years with the emergence of Sonja's Cupcakes et al.  These little goodies could cost between P20  and P80 each depending on how intricate the frosting and decoration are.  Cupcakes have also become a favorite wedding and debut giveaway.

Kara & I rode the MRT at the North Avenue station and alighted at Ayala station and then took a cab going to Maya Kitchen's building.  We arrived just in time  as Chef Nikko Buendia was being introduced to the class.  She shared recipes of her bestselling cupcakes, demonstrated how to do them and the difficult part was to make the cake toppings.  Toppings could be anything.  For Christmas, one can choose from angel, star, bells or anything to commemorate the occasion. We had fun garnishing our cupcakes with chocolate chips, sprinkles, and other cake decors.

Thinking on how to decorate my cupcakes.

The fruits of my creativity.

With Chef Nikko and Maya Kitchen employee.

I must admit that I find cooking easier than baking.  Baking is a science, everything should be precise.  With cooking I can make adjustments if something did not turn out right.  But there's a certain high and fulfillment in turning out baked items.  Maybe I should put my heart in baking.  I'll start with cupcakes.
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