Thursday, January 27, 2011

Buying Online

My husband and I have a small business engaged in the wholesale trading of petrochemical products.  The thing with a start up business is that it doesn't have enough funds for rental, office equipment and other operating expenses.  I am in that situation right now.  I need a laptop that we can use for sales calls and at the same time as a backup computer.

Asking around, my friends advised me that if I want a cheap laptop, I should purchase it online. People who would want to upgrade their computers and gadgets often dispose of them online with a remarkable discount.

I tried my luck on online shopping.  Surfing the internet for that cheap laptop led me to AyosDito.  I was amazed at the things that I can buy online.  I saw a lot of cheap laptops being offered plus practically everything about computers and gadgets.  One need not look for other websites as the selections at AyosDito were numerous and varied.

I found my laptop, a Hewlett Packard  6530B being peddled by Marlon for P22,950.  Marlon said that it is slightly used but in top condition.  I ran through the specifications and the specs suit me fine. I wrote down Marlon's contact numbers and made a mental note to call him up tomorrow morning.

Buying things online is becoming popular here in the Philippines.  Filipinos are slowly embracing new innovations in technology.  I think online shopping will grow and more things will be offered in cyberspace.  This kind of shopping sits well with me. I hate walking long distances and queing to pay for what I bought when doing my shopping at the malls.  Aside from the convenience of buying from home, I have the whole cyber world to do my window shopping.  Convenience and wide selection make shopping online truly an experience that a physical store cannot match.

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