Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Marry Month of June

Today is the last day of May and we are a few hours away from the marry month of June.  Are you a June bride?  Why did you choose to get married in June?  June has been traditionally known as the favorite month for getting married.  There are varied reasons why June became the favored month, most of which are not romantic in nature.  

Juno, Roman goddess of marriage
The Romans prefer June weddings because June happens to be the month dedicated to the observance of Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage.  There is also a practical side to June weddings as well.  If the bride gets pregnant right away after the wedding, she will deliver her child months before the harvest season and would be able to help out during the harvest.  Another reason why June became popular for weddings is because of the nice weather and flowers are abloom.  Still another reason and this steals the show is that brides felt that they still smell good from their annual bath in May.  Yes, during the 1500s, people in Europe took baths monthly, hardly or not at all during winters.  After the cold weather has broken out, usually in May, people took their annual baths.  

The various reasons stated above why June registered with the most weddings could be true in temperate countries.  But in the Philippines, June is eclipsed by December in terms of popularity.  June is rainy in the Philippines and those rains could turn into typhoons.  I know of somebody who reset his wedding by one week as the venue for his wedding reception was flooded due to a heavy downpour and typhoon.  December is also a preferred month for Filipinos because the temperature is cool and a lot of family reunions are held on that month.  A lot of overseas Filipinos come home to spend the long Christmas holiday and it is an opportune time to hold weddings, a major family event.

My husband and I chose to get married on January 17, 1987 because practically there are no rains in January.  January is perfect for its cool temperature and for the absence of rains.  It is also a better alternative to hectic December when you have to book way before the day for the venues for the church and reception.

Our wedding photo, 1987.
Nowadays, there are more people living in than getting married in the United States.  Maybe it is the sign of the times when people's values on marriage and relationships have drastically changed.  Little girls seldom dream of big weddings anymore.  And when before getting married was a dream come true to most, now it has ceased to be romantic.

The recent wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton put back romance to an old institution of marriage.  Obviously the two are really in love to start with.  It doesn't matter what month one is tying the knot, the most important thing is getting married for the right reasons.

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