Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stuff I Like to Try

They say that when we reach middle age, we ponder on our accomplishments and think of things that we still would want to do.  Yes, at this age we may have already lost the agility of our youth but we think that we can still do a lot.  We want to try deeds or exploits that never entered our minds back then.  Maybe because we have more time for ourselves today as we have been relieved of parental duties and of preparation for a good future.  

There are stuff that I would like to try before arthritis and other age-related diseases catch up with me.  I would like to try:

Dancing.  I am not gifted with terpsichorean skills.  I find difficulty in coordinating foot, hand and body movements.  My mother often said that I got it from my father as she is a graceful dancer.  When watching dance presentations on the television and stage, I marvel at the adroitness of the performers.  It is as if to the dance floor they were born.  

Getting a dance instructor (DI) would be the first order of business.  Luckily, DIs are dime a dozen and can be contracted for a reasonable amount of payment.  Maybe after a couple of months of regular dancing sessions I will be able to show my mother a number of cha cha or swing.  While getting that dancing groove, I will be doing my health a favor.  Those extra pounds need to be shaken!

Singing.  Music pervaded my growing up years.  I woke up and sometimes went to sleep to the sounds of Filipino, Bicol, Spanish music blaring from the stereo player.  I love singing even if I have a difficult time hitting the notes.  It is only through singing that I find total appreciation of my favorite songs.  Kudos to Mr. Roberto del Rosario for pioneering the "sing-along" system in 1975 which later became the karaoke machine thus giving singer wannabes like me the proverbial fifteen minutes of fame.  Maybe my classmate, Abby Luz of ACIATEAM will be able to help me hit those notes.

After the dancing and the singing, I would like to try my hand on Chinese and Japanese Cooking.  My family loves Chinese and Japanese dishes and having a degree tucked under my belt will just be cool.  I can easily whip up their fave dishes.

I think dancing, singing and the cooking will make me extra preoccupied for quite a while.  Pass the microphone, will you?

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