Saturday, January 7, 2012

Mom's Cooking

What's it with Mom's cooking?  Through the years, I observe that I always looked forward to eating from her dining table.  Even simple viands take a different twist when she herself did the cooking.   I guess what makes Mom's cooking special is that it reminds me of home and at the same time those viands come with stories of my growing up years.

With Mommy
I remember that when I had morning sickness while pregnant with my firstborn, I had a really difficult time.  I would feel sick and vomit after each meal.  I dreaded eating but I have to take something otherwise I would be nauseous.  When my husband and I were invited for Dad's birthday dinner, I succeeded in eating Mom's specialties without throwing up afterwards.  Maybe I took comfort that I was still her little girl even though I already had a family of my own.

My mother was a teacher and took up Home Economics as a specialization.  In her younger years, she was passionate in cooking and baking.  We grew up to her style of cooking even if the cooking was done by a cook.  She trained our cook well to cook like her.  My father knew/knows good food so the cook better shape up.  It is in this environment that I grew up in. 

Up to the last day of my single life, I couldn't cook a meal for dear life.  We always had a cook in the household so there was no need for me to help out in the kitchen.  I learned to cook out of sheer desperation ...  my husband and I's first helper left us after a month.  I was forced to learn cooking by asking Mommy how to do a certain dish.  Later on, I realized that I was heavily influenced by Mommy.  My standard of taste was Mom's.  I wonder if my children will miss my cooking after they have settled in their own homes years from now?

To this day, she still supervises and cooks on special occasions like Christmas and New Year.  I guess habits die hard.

Cooking sotanghon for Noche Buena with Encar, her cook, looking.

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