Thursday, February 18, 2010

Why Mobile Marketing?

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When I first learned from my Digital Marketing Wiki Course that the mobile phone will play a very significant role in Digital Marketing, I found it hard to believe. I ask myself: How can a small gadget host a myriad of graphics, colors and content? Will it be effective?

When I registered in the Mobile Marketing Course, it was more of a compliance to the Digital Marketing Diploma Program. I was not excited to say the least. The succeeding courses are more cool and exciting.

On the first day of the course, the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) tasked to deliver the lecture, successfully justified the importance of Mobile Marketing. My perception on the effectiveness of mobile as a medium for marketing changed. One cannot underestimate the capability of mobile to reach a larger segment of society compared to other media. In the Philippines, there are 75 million mobile phone subscribers. This translates to 8 out of 10 people having a mobile phone. 75 million subscribers is nothing to sneeze at as it represents 82% of the Philippine population.

Mobile has the highest level of engagement and interaction and can deliver on its promise of one-on-one marketing. It has become the fastest way to communicate with anyone as people never seem to turn off their mobile devices unlike any other media. The device encourages the brand to interact with the consumer on an intimate basis. Because it is intimate, it has targeting capabilities. Messages can be sent in a relevant, tailored and timely manner. The consumer receives the right messages at the right time and the right place. This translates for mobile marketing to have high conversion rates.

Mobile marketing is measurable. It is easy to monitor the amount spent, the rate of conversion and how many participated in the campaign.

Aside from all of the reasons stated above on mobile as a very potent marketing medium, its use would be better appreciated and maximized if there is a corresponding investment on the part of handset manufacturers in data transmission speeds and for telcos in terms of bandwidth. The lack of which will compromise the future of mobile marketing.

What can mobile marketing do to a brand? For one, it can increase brand awareness of a product. SMS raffles, mCoupons, mSampling, downloads, info-on demand, mobile hotline can very well deliver more awareness for the brand. Because of the very nature of mobile marketing campaigns wherein a customer has to register vital information about himself, mobile marketing can generate profile opt-in database for the brand. This database can be mined extensively by the brand for future campaigns and strategies. The brand can also further interactivity with the customer by leading him to a website wherein he can read more information about the product. Loyalty programs can be created from the database on hand. These activities all point to increasing the company's revenues.

Though mobile marketing seems the way to go putting into consideration its wide reach and targeting capabilities, it can not be a stand alone campaign. It works best with traditional marketing media.
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