Sunday, August 15, 2010

Old Friends

One of my closest friends from high school, Este, recently came home for her annual vacation. Her two- week vacation is spent visiting relatives, reuniting with friends and hieing off to any of the different beautiful spots in the country. This year she and her family went to Panglao, Bohol. Last year it was El Nido, Palawan.

On her first week here in Manila, she met with three of her former classmates, Tess, Nanette and yours truly. We treated her to a sumptuous lunch at Fely J's. Everybody was unanimous in ordering sinigang na bangus belly sa bayabas. It was a hit and I think I will never tire eating it even if I will have it everyday. For our coffee and dessert fix, we went to Cafe Breton. Since everybody likes mango, we ordered a mango crepe with chocolate syrup. It was a perfect match to our coffee. Our day didn't end there, though. Este invited us to where she and her family were staying while here in Manila. Before heading to Este's place, we had pictures taken of our little outing in Makati.

At Este's place, we talked of a lot of things like children, house chores, maids, cooking and menopause. That last word puts a bitter taste to the mouth. Lol. Oh by the way the red wine that Este served us was so good even if our pulutan was bibingka. Well who cares if the pulutan was not perfect for the very good red wine. We all had a good time just being together.

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