Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Bad Roads at Daang Maharlika

My family and I journeyed to Bicol earlier today for our Holy Week respite. Instead of arriving after seven hours of driving, we reached Naga City, our first destination, after ten hours. Of course the total travel time included the short pitstops for breakfast and calls of nature. The delay was caused by the untimely road works on several stretches of the Daang Maharlika. Twice we had to be rerouted to the remote parts of the towns as the main highway was either congested for some repairs. In some parts, motorists had to move alternately as there was only one lane passable.

I just couldn't justify the timing of the ongoing construction works at Daang Maharlika. Why were they not completed before the exodus of Metro Manilans to their respective provinces? It's as if the Holy Week exodus is something new that it caught the DPWH by surprise. Or is this electioneering, premature at that, in the guise of public service? Just asking.

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