Saturday, April 14, 2012

Online Shopping

For more than a year now, I have been actively buying online. My first purchase was a dinner of different crab recipes for four persons at Clawdaddy. The price that was being advertised was reasonable and coupled by a mouth-watering picture of the big crab garnished with lots of toasted garlic, I didn't think twice on clicking BUY.

My excitement waned when I didn't receive my voucher through email. Ensogo Philippines blamed me claiming that it was not able to receive my order. After a lengthy exchange of postings at their Facebook fan page, it was decided that I will be refunded of the amount I paid through BPI.  Good thing I didn't use my credit card. That incident ended my online relationship with Ensogo: I unsuscribed from receiving emails about their latest promos and unliked its Facebook fan page.

A few months after, a lot of Ensogo clones sprouted like mushrooms. Deal Grocer, MetroDeal, Groupon to name just a few. These three are my most-patronized companies. Buying from any of the three is smooth and seamless. Upon confirmation of payment, they automatically send the voucher to my email address. I print out the voucher right away lest I forget about it. Oh, those senior moments.

My first purchase from MetroDeal.

To date, I have an inventory of more than ten vouchers, from dinners, derma procedures, hair care, airline tickets, tours, gourmet chocolates and others. I am in the market for bags, shoes, more dinners and tours. I guess more items will be put up for sale online as the market matures. Can big ticket items like cars and condo units be far behind?

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