Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Steak Dinner Gone Kaput

I purchased this voucher last February.  Who would ever ignore an Angus rib eye steak, two Wagyu beef skewers plus rice for P250 only?  I did not pass up that chance.  I immediately booked for five vouchers, one for my husband, three children and me.  My children had been pestering me for weeks for this steak dinner only to find out after reading the fine prints of the voucher that we can only consume the vouchers every Wednesday and Saturday at 10PM to 3AM!  My dream of a quiet dinner was gone after that. 

Efforts of talking to someone from Taste and See Gourmet Creation were nil.  The telephone number kept on giving a fax tone when dialed.  My last resort was to the google the name of the company and was thankful to get a page of articles.  From the articles, I got the mobile number of the owner and called her at once to expect us (it was a Saturday yesterday and as early as noon I already told my children of the planned steak dinner).  She replied to me that they can only accommodate vouchers on Wednesdays.  What a damper.  Apparently, the merchant, Taste and See Gourmet Creation, was prevented by Mercato Centrale where the store is located from holding the promo on Saturdays.  For whatever reason, I still cannot understand.  The merchant is not to be blamed alone for this fiasco.  It expected MetroDeal, the marketer of vouchers, to send emails to all who purchased the vouchers.  Of course, I didn't receive an email otherwise I wouldn't be wasting my time arguing with the merchant/owner and MetroDeal.

MetroDeal offered a refund of the money I paid for the five vouchers but I turned it down.  I chose to wait for a Wednesday when all five of us are free.  To make up for this unfortunate incident, I herded my family to Chicken Rice Shop at Katipunan for a late dinner.  

What had I learned from last night's failed dinner?  Well, I would always read the fine prints before clicking on the BUY and before availing of the voucher, call up the merchant involved first for last minute instructions and information.  Let my experience be a warning for everyone.

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