Saturday, April 16, 2011

Karaoke Bar

A favorite Filipino pastime is spending special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries or homecomings with lots of food, drinking, singing and story-telling.  Lots of stories and laughter.  If there is no occasion to warrant a celebration, Filipinos just invent one at the spur of the moment.  We never run out of reasons to be together.  We just love to celebrate life.  It is not surprising to find a Magic Sing or a karaoke player in a Filipino home that come handy when the need arises.

For those willing to spend, there is the karaoke bar that mushroomed in most parts of Metro Manila and urban centers.  They say that you give away your age with the type of songs that you sing in a karaoke bar.  Never mind if you miss the note of Abba's Dancing Queen or Karen Carpenter's Top of the World.  Nobody cares as long as you get to sing the songs that are the desires of the heart.  Food and drinks are a call away.  Just lift the intercom and a friendly receptionist is ready to take your order.  The room attendant cum waiter assigned to your cubicle also acts as the de facto photographer so nobody is left out in the group picture. 

For my different sets of friends, we usually go to Red Box in Trinoma, Quezon City.  The place is accessible, clean and the player is easy to navigate.  Hmmm... It has already been awhile since I've been to Red Box. 

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