Monday, April 11, 2011

Movies We Remember

One Sunday while having a late breakfast, I could hear from the television the sweet voice of Lea Salonga singing "Reflections", one of the soundtrack music of Disney's "Mulan".  I said to myself, youngest daughter Kara is already awake. 

Ever since Mulan became available in VHS, Kara, a toddler then, was already glued to the television set watching it day in and day out.  It was a family joke that the VHS is already worn out from its non-stop use.  Now, more than ten years after, her fondness for the movie hasn't waned a bit.

While the teenagers of today have Disney to thank for the numerous movies that they have enjoyed during their formative years, one movie holds the distinction of "favorite old movie" for me.  Like Kara's Mulan, I never tire watching "Sound of Music" starring a very young Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer.  Sometimes I can't imagine the two of them enacting other roles after "Sound of Music".  For me they would always be Maria and Capt. von Trapp.

I remember I watched "Sound of Music" for the first time with my parents and siblings in Loida Theater, the only theater then at Sorsogon, Sorsogon.  My father arrived before lunch from his job in Manila and brought all of us to Loida Theater to watch this much-acclaimed movie.  We also had a soundtrack album of the movie that we could play anytime.  I played each song several times to get its lyrics, something that is never heard of today what with different lyric websites in the web.  Several years passed when I had the chance to watch it again, this time through CD that I rented from Video City, one of the video rental stores in the 90s.  I could still sing the lines from memory, thanks to my lyric jotting days.

Technology has made old movies of better quality.  We and the future generation are assured that we will always be able to view them anywhere and anytime.  Right beside me is a blu-ray DVD copy of the "Sound of Music" awaiting its turn on the DVD player.  Well, later, I'm still finishing my article.
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