Monday, April 18, 2011

Why I Love Summer

Summer is a fun time for me.  Though the heat could be excruciating at the height of summer, I still prefer it than having rains.   Summer officially starts for me when the regular school year ends.  I say regular because some schools on trimester system have a different school calendar.

I love summer because my favorite fruit, the mango, is at its sweetest.  Thanks to the latest technology, the Philippine mango is available all year round but it still doesn't taste as good as the one harvested in summer.  I could finish a kilo of mangoes in one sitting before my craving for this fruit is satiated.  I dread the day when my doctor will limit my eating of mangoes to half of the fruit because of an elevated level of blood sugar.

Halo halo is a must have on summers.  Like the mango, halo halo is available through out the year but it just tastes so good when it is humid.  Of all the halo halo in town, my favorites are the ones from Icebergs and Razon's.  I like the Iceberg's version because of the macapuno balls and it is easier to mix.  I hope Iceberg's will put more macapuno balls instead of two.  Razon's halo halo is pricey compared to Iceberg's but I just love the leche flan topping and the sweetened banana.  The softness and sweetness of the bananas are just right.

Iceberg's Halo Halo
Razon's Halo Halo
Another top on my list why I love summer is the abundance of fruits and vegetables.  Summer is harvest time.  Fruits and vegetables are very cheap and the produce is of better quality.  When in the market, how can you turn away from these mounds of fruits and vegetables of different colors?

Who doesn't love fiestas?  A good percentage of fiestas is held in May.  I love attending fiestas and Filipinos in the provinces still celebrate fiestas with cooking their specialties, palaros, parades and other presentations.  It is Filipino hospitality at its finest.

Lastly, summer is about family get togethers at the beach or at a preferred resort.  There is so much joy in cooking, sharing what you haved cooked and spending a few days away from home marvelling the beauty of God's creation.

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